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When facts do Jhingalala in my brain.

I am not a history buff. In fact, my history score in school was horrible. So horrible that my school teacher was at the verge of disowning me as a student. I don't know if that was because I was dumb or was the teaching methodology not upto my standards. Nevertheless, I scraped through history only to get married to a Conservation Architect, whose bread and butter is based on history. This is called Karma. It did not stop there. Now as part of OSMS, I often dive into bubble bath of history.

OSMS was conceptualised in 2017 by one of our crazy founders, who keeps challenging the norms set by anyone with regards to anything. I believe in her school days, when her teachers asked her to walk along a straight line, she would step out of the line just to check what lies outside it. She keeps testing waters to see how deep can we dive and how soon can we surface alive. Not literally, but yes, methaphorically.

The first time, she said that we will dish out the Harappan Cuisine, we all thought it was her way to once again throw us in deep waters of history and see if we can surface alive. And to everyones surprise we did. In the beginning, everyone we talked to said that we were crazy. Historians, Archaeologists, Geographers, Geologists, Environmentalists, Botanists, Zoologists, Doctors, Dentists, and so many more kinds of species we bugged with only one question "What and how did they eat?". Every expert could throw some light on the limited information on the answer to this question, but none of them ever thought that probably, if they all discussed amongst each other, they could actually stitch together one of the most fogged part of our ancient history, i.e., "Woh Khate Kya the?"

From there started the journey of a bunch of crazy researchers at OSMS, who kept nudging all possible sources of information about everything that could lead to the understanding of "Woh Khate Kya the?". This made my hateful-relation with facts and history into chaddi-budies. Because now, history was fun. Now facts were dancing in-front of me, drunk in a concoction of all expertise.

This is where things started getting interesting for me. I have a weird habit of day-dreaming and imagining situations, which are completely insane. In one such situation where we were working with facts and data, I imagined my school history teacher shouting at me, asking me to read from the text-book and I could see 'facts' in the form of a few tribals dancing around the class and singing "Na na na na na re na re na re.. Sadde Naal rahoge to aish karoge...".

And since then, these tribals became my good friends. I am still bad at history, but now facts do Jingalala infront of me.

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Abhijit Sinha
Abhijit Sinha
13 de ago. de 2020

Great start.

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